Welcome to the Parker Mother and Child Foundation

We believe in the principle of helping people to help themselves. Our goal is to empower and enable, to educate and motivate, to share strength by positive example and through positive action.

Our Mission

The Parker Mother and Child foundation was established to help mothers and children worldwide, mothers who are trying to fend for themselves and provide for the needs of their children.

The challenge is to get funds directly to where they are needed… where they can make a difference.

PMCF was created to fill the gap between regulated government assistance and the actual needs of the recipients.

Too often sources of funding from various charitable organizations have been diluted to as little as "mere pennies" on the dollar. Parker Mother Child Foundation works by bypassing ineffective and costly means of funding and by delivering assistance directly to where it is needed.

The Beginning

When I arrived in Uganda for the first time, three years ago, I was captivated by sounds of the birds, the vibrancy of colors and the smells, like the scent of wood smoke on the evening breeze as all of Uganda prepared their evening meals. Beyond those physical senses, however, I was unprepared for the graciousness, by the happiness, and the sense of hope expressed to me by people who lived in such meager conditions that they would be considered primitive by western standards.

We believe in providing opportunity and hope to mothers and children, by supporting families, rewarding initiative and encouraging positive actions which will benefit the community. We believe in building bridges, building communities and building futures. We believe that relationships are critical, and that the key to peace lies in friendship, in education and in the existence of hope.

Jim Parker, Founder


Jane has graduated with honors from Mulago Hospital Dental School.

Jane is excited to begin work at the Bishop Asili Clinic in Kasana Luweero. She will be working in a region which until now has had no dental services, providing much needed care for villagers. more...

Flavia Akello has been accepted to Nkumba University

For over three years, Flavia Akello searched for the means to attend University. Now with a full scholarship from PMCF, she has been accepted to Nkumba University School of Law, and began her studies in September. She says people need someone to protect them and help them understand their rights. more...

Betty Nalubira never thought she would even get the chance

Betty Nalubira never thought she would even get the chance to go to school let alone graduate as a nurse. She says that her education is most important in her life right now. more...

Olivia is excited about the prospect of becoming an educated woman.

She says she wants to actively help the people in her community and educate them about important issues as well.more...