Success Stories


Success Stories

Parker Mother & Child Foundation was established to provide educational opportunities to qualified girls who could not otherwise afford to attend school. We look for motivated young women who will bring the skills they learn back to their communities. Many girls have little to look forward to in their future. In Uganda, there is no free education beyond primary school, and many families simply cannot afford to educate their daughters. For a girl to go to high school and college, she almost always has to find outside funds to support her. An education in Uganda might seem expensive to its citizens, but together we can help. With your generous donation, we can help change young women’s lives and give them hope and opportunity for their futures.

Success Stories

Jane Mandera

This year, Jane graduated from the School of Public Health Dentistry at Mulago Hospital. She is doing extraordinarily well for herself and her family. Jane and her family realize that she has broken tradition by coming an educated woman and a dentist. Helping the poor and underprivileged is what Jane wants to do most for her community. PMCF has made this dream possible, and Jane is ready to "pay it forward". Jane's dream is just one of the many dreams that have come true with the help, love and support of Parker Mother & Child Foundation.

Flavia Akello

Flavia Akello moved into a student dorm at Nkumba University in September. After several years of searching for a scholarship, she is excited to be finally on the path to her future as a lawyer. She wants to become an advocate for her community. She is a passionate believer in human rights, and wants to help her community by protecting people from being victimized because they do not know their rights. She is an intelligent and articulate advocate, particularly for women.

Betty Nalubira​

Betty Nalubira never thought she would even get the chance to go to school let alone graduate as a nurse. On a PMCF Scholarship, Betty graduated from Rubaga Hospital School of Nursing with Honors. She says that her education is most important in her life right now. Being from a remote village made daily life a struggle and Betty is proud to serve as a role model for other girls in her village. Betty has begun working in a rural clinic, serving needy people in her community. We are very proud of her.

Olivia Ntono​

PMCF started supporting Olivia Ntono in 2002, when she was ready to begin Secondary school. She completed her studies and graduated with distinctions, and in August 2009 she happily enrolled at Nkumba University. Olivia is excited about the prospect of becoming an educated woman. She says she wants to actively help the people in her community and educate them about important issues as well. She knows that if she had not had the opportunity to go to school, she might have been married as a teenager, and already have children to care for. She truly understands the value of being educated, and hopes to share her knowledge with others.

Jane Mandera, Dentist

Flavia Akello

Betty Nalubira

Olivia Ntono